Bespoke Books

Antler Editions creates bespoke wedding guest books. Designs can be customized based on the style of the event, cloth and interior paper color choices can match your wedding's theme.

Pricing starting at $70, contact Antler Editions.



This book has a blue exterior with hints of pink to compliment the wedding's color scheme. This hand sewn book structure allows the book to lay completely flat when open, allowing your guests to comfortable write on both sides of the pages.


Custom Foil Stamping

This book holds the love story told by the Bride for the Groom. It has been foil stamped on the cover and spine using a rose gold foil. Names, dates and more can be added to your bespoke book cover or spine.

Custom Cover

Casey and Chris wanted their plant theme to be present on their guest book. This cover was hand drawn and digitally printed using archival inks on canvas.


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