Stupid things I think of.

Stupid things I think of.


3.5"x5" pocket notebook. White or tan pages, various color outsides. Perfect for any dry media.


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50% of profits from this will be going directly to my friend Frankie Lomen. I met Frankie back in college, where we never spoke a word... but I always thought she was so cool. After we both graduated I found out she was raising money to go back to school in Phoenix to learn motorcycle repair. I was so inspired by her for traveling across the country (she was living in Maine with her husband and pets) to go learn such a male dominant trade! I put some of my prints up to help support her fund. In a horrible twist of events, a few months ago Frankie found out that she has a brain tumor, and has been going through surgeries and chemo even since. I have been following her journey from a far on social media, and it is such a roller coaster of emotions. Through it all Frankie still posts encouraging messages and updates, her persistence inspires me daily, and so I am giving back what I can! Buy some prints to help support Frankie! Her medical bills, rent, travel costs, increased insurance and general life monthly bills don't just stop coming because you get sick!

You can click here to donate directly to Frankie, and to read more about her journey.